"Great business family. Can always count on GCE for everything I need."

- Gregory Brown - Mr. Perfect

“I have gotten better customer service from you, 5 states away, then from the only guy in our little town.”

- Pam Hunt – T-N-T High Pressure Wash – Wallaceton, PA
"I have been using Brown Derby for 20 years. I have tried other products to cut costs but nothing Has performed like Brown Derby. I was thinking that when I started buying it they were not making it in kits. Spray it on, let it work and the dirt and grease rolls off with little to no effort and leaves a great shine. I even put a little in my vinyl to help clean and give a shiny look. I highly recommend the product. "
- Spencer Inc.

“I have been buying Brown Derby for over 10 years, we love it.”
- Dan, C & K Power Wash, Lancaster, PA

"Just tried it and had to call, it (Brown Derby) worked great just like you said."
- Andrew Laverdiere.

“I have been a user of Mighty Max for about 6 years, I think its one of the best soaps on the market for pressure cleaning.”
-Garry Taylor of Garry’s Pressure Cleaning, Ormond Beach, FL

"Wanted to thank you so much for the products (Mighty Max and Bio Barrier). I got to do the house wash today. Right mixture too, dilutions worked great. Looks fabulous, client was grinning. Thank you for making my day." Also "The Bio Barrier was a great up sale." and "I can't wait to try Mighty Max Plus and maybe some other products as well."
- Rodney Sagers, Atlanta Roof Cleaners.

"I love the soap (Big Rig Brite) .. cleans much faster and better than any thing I have used before ....
Thanks again .... John"
- John Talley of Premier Carpet Service

"This (Big Rig Brite) has been great in getting our trucks ready for sale. They look terrific."
- Mike Gardecki
Top Trucks LLC, in Bethal, PA.

"Soap (Blue Lightning) is excellent. We will be calling you in the spring for more. Trucks don't go out as often this time of year. Thanks again."
- Kevin Orlando, All Seasons Septic Service Inc

"It (Top Gun) is awesome. I'd been using engine degreaser to clean the under belly but this stuff works better and is much friendlier to the finish."
- Joe Mendyk

"The Citrus Exterior worked great as a stand alone siding cleaner on vinyl siding."
- Shannon Erkenbrack - Think Clean in Bloomington, MN
"We had a millionaires cedar shake shingle roof to wash and this (So Safe) worked great. It had terrible mold and stains on it and now it looks like new."
- John Roth Roth's Pressure Cleaning in Cincinnati, OH

"I love Scat! I bought a bottle but never had a chance to use it until my daughter was in the ER and threw up red Tylenol all over her white shirt. She was then admitted to hospital and the shirt sat for 3 days with that stain settling. I used Scat on it and was shocked the shirt was perfectly white again. Thank you Linda!"
- Jackie Tacheny Gavett

“SCAT saved me over $400 in claims by salvaging every single garment after an ink load.”
- Larry Hale, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“SCAT is a great degreaser wet and dry. SCAT gets out ALL pet odors in rugs and blankets. Great fragrance."
- Al Hearns, Pearl, MS

"I use Scat on every type of stain and it works! Scat smells so good - sometimes I use just a little in my everyday wash because of the fresh and clean smell. I stand by this product and use it faithfully."
- Denise - Georgia

"Scat! is the one and only product I have ever used that completely removes all of the wet, snow, dirt, mud, salt-slush from pant cuffs exposed to our Minnesota Winter Roads. Scat! works like none other in this application."
-Randy - Minnesota